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ICE's work in the North East is carried out by the regional committee. It's made up of branch members and interest groups, and is supported by the Regional Support Team.

The region is made up of the Northumbria and Teesside Branches, Graduates and Students Section, special interest panels, Seniors Group and the Northern Geotechnical Group.

Committee members are volunteers and come from a range of backgrounds within the civil engineering profession.

Find out more about the committees and groups, including who's involved and how you can get in touch.

  • ICE North East regional committee

    Paula McMahon, North East Regional Committee Chair

    The regional committee is responsible for setting the direction of ICE in the North East and making sure that the region achieves its aims. The committee is made up of representatives of the branches, interest groups and sections.

    Name Position Employer
    Paula McMahon ICE North East Chair Sir Robert McAlpine
    Laura Brown Immediate past ICE North East chair/Robert Stephenson Award Secretary Bowmer + Kirkland
    Yanyan Bryan Vice chair - senior
    Malcolm Cattermole Honorary treasurer Forestry England
    Graham Yates Education panel chair and Regional Member of Council Sunderland City Council
    Charlotte Flower GAST (Graduates, Apprentices, Students and Technicians)
    committee co-chair
    Royal HaskoningDHV
    Tom Wilde GAST (Graduates, Apprentices, Students and Technicians)
    committee co-chair, G4C Representative
    Alex Radcliffe GAST (Graduates, Apprentices, Students and Technicians) Representative
    Laura O'Toole Regional Advisory Board (RAB) Transport Member Arup
    Andrew Richmond Northern Geotechnical Group (NGG) Chair Arup
    Mike Wade Seniors group chair
    Michael Taylor Heritage Panel chairman, PHEW representative NE, Northumbria Branch Member
    John Jeffrey Annual dinner secretary
    Kirils Holstovs Climate Change rep AECOM
    Meshi Taka Fairness, Inclusion & Respect Lead Fairhurst
    David Yates Elected corporate member YECC Consultants
    Sonny Henderson Elected corporate member
    Emma Hughes Branch Representative - Teesside
    Alan Ross Branch Representative – Northumbria
    Martin Crapper Branch Representative – Northumbria
    Daisy Bisangwa Branch Representative - Teesside Teesside University

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  • Northumbria Branch

    Yanyan Bryan, chair

    The Northumbria branch organises events, technical talks and seminars throughout the year. It represents ICE members living and working in Durham, Northumberland and Tyne and Wear. Events are mainly held in central Newcastle.

    Name Position
    Yanyan Bryan Chair
    Meshi Taka Vice Chair/FIR Rep
    Graham Yates Regional Council Member/Education Panel Chairman
    Paul Slaughter Branch Treasurer
    Brad Reid GAST Rep
    Martin Crapper Council Member
    Alan Ross Technical Meeting Coordinator
    Dave Humphries Technical Meeting Coordinator
    Morgan Foster GAST Rep
    Victoria Edmondson Member
    Mike Ford Member
    Martin Heddon Member
    John Jeffrey Member
    Charlotte McAllister Member
    Jim Potter Member
    Ian Askew Member
    Alasdair Cook Member
    Neil Humphrey Member
    Alison Mee Member

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  • Teesside Branch

    Emma Hughes 

    The Teesside branch represents members living and working in the Tees Valley and welcomes members from neighbouring North Yorkshire. It organises events, technical talks and seminars throughout the year. Branch events are usually held in Middlesbrough.

    Name Position
    Emma Hughes  Branch Chair, Education Panel Representative and Diversity and inclusion Representative
    Liam Simpson Branch Vice Chair
    Branch Treasurer
    Ngutor Ahua GAST Representative
    Mercedes Ascaso Til Correspondence Member
    Paula McMahon Acting Secretary
    Liam Boyek Member
    Jacob McGhee Member
    Jay Allison Member
    Vishak Dudhee Member
    Richard Marr Member
    Kyle Sutcliffe Member
    Paula McMahon Member
    Melanie Farnham Member
    Neil Finch Correspondence Member
    Daniel Hawxwell Technical Meeting Coordinator
    Ezri Hayat Member
    Robert Thorniley Walker Member
    Matthew Johnson Member
    Jamie Killington Member
    David Yates Member
    Jack McAndrew Member
    Jessica Meehan-Holmes Correspondence member
    Ben Lavelle Member
    Sarah Kellerman Member
    Dr Sergio Rodriguez Teesside University Rep
    Andrew Walker Member
    Barry Walmsley Member
    India Hutchinson Member
    Liam Simpson Member
    Hussien Alkadri Member
    Bjarnhedinn Gudlaugsson Member
    Joao Patacas Member
    Subarna Sivashanmugam Member
    Daisy Bisangwa Member
    Ezri Hayat Member

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  • Graduates, Apprentices, and Students & Technicians Committee

    Charlotte Flower and Tom Wilde, joint Chairs

    The ICE North East Graduates, Apprentices, and Students & Technicians (GAST) Committee represents over 900 graduate and student ICE members living within the region. It organises regular events, seminars, competitions and socials. These help members develop their careers and get support, as well as providing opportunities for like-minded people to meet and network.

    The GAST also runs many events and initiatives to get schools and local communities involved in civil engineering.

    It's managed by a committee of core members who are elected annually. The committee meets once a month. Key members of the GAST also sit on the ICE North East regional committee and regional executive board.

    Name Position Employer
    Charlotte Flower Joint Chair
    Tom Wilde Joint Chair and G4C Rep
    Kirils Holstovs Vice Chair
    India Hutchinson Secretary and Teesside Branch Rep
    Alex Jennings Communications Rep
    Bradley Reid Northumbria Branch Rep
    Toby Loveday Sports and Social Rep
    Alex Radcliffe GSNet Rep and Climate Change Rep
    Neola Thorpe, Alex Jennings, Toby Loveday, Cerys White and Micha Newman Student Reps
    Matthew Hutchinson RAB Rep
    Micha Newman Education Panel Rep
    Luke Roberts Elected Member
    Jess Clark Elected Member

    Interested in getting involved?

    There are lots of ways to join the committee.

    If you'd like to find out more, why not come to a meeting? All graduate and student members are welcome, and it's a great way to meet other volunteer engineers and network. Getting involved will help you make the most of your ICE membership.

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    Download the terms of reference for the Committee

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Special interest groups

Four ICE special interest groups have been set up in the North East, covering transport, flooding, heritage and sustainability.

The group's members provide expert comment and informed opinion, contribute to learned society activities and help raise ICE North East's profile. Members have given responses to consultations and State of the Nation reports, as well as contributing to media coverage and lectures.

The panels provide an exciting opportunity for people to get more involved with ICE and have a say on important issues affecting the region.

So, if you have the experience and expertise to contribute, and would like to join a panel, please contact the relevant chair or download the information sheet to find out more.

Regional Advisory Board

The Regional Advisory Board gives expert advice on a range of industry sectors.

The board provides informed debate, and promotes a coherent strategy for infrastructure development in the region. It also contributes to ICE's State of the Nation reports, both nationally, and from a regional perspective.

Name Sector Employer
Chris Jolley Transport Mott Macdonald
Laura O'Toole Transport Arup
Brian Wilson Rail Nexus
James Hollender Energy TNEI
George Hare Water MWH Global
Richard Warneford Water Northumbrian Water Limited
Phil Welton Flooding Environment Agency
John Robinson Flooding Newcastle City Council
Donald Daly Flooding Arup
Oliver Heidrich Flooding / sustainability Newcastle University
Kate Cairns Sustainability Kate Cairns Consultancy
Robert Thorniley-Walker Environment, Climate change Structural & Civil Consultants Ltd
Garry Edwards Drainage
David Toll Geotechnical Durham University
John Jeffrey H&S
Sarah Kellerman Procurement/Law Arcadis
Martin Heddon Structures RWO Associates

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Download the terms of reference for the ICE North East Regional Advisory Board

Education Panel

Name Position Employer
Graham Yates Chair Sunderland City Council
Mike Gardiner Secretary Retired
Jo Spencer Member Arup
Fritha McCrimmon Member Stantec
Joao Mendez Member Northumbria University
Paul Sergeant Member Teesside University

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Download the terms of reference for the ICE North East Education Panel

Geotechnical Group

The Northern Geotechnical Group (NGG) is a focal point for the local geotechnical community.

It organises a full programme of technical meetings and seminars throughout the year.

Anyone with an interest in geotechnical engineering is welcome to come along to events. If you'd like to join or find out more about events, please contact David Hinxman

Name Postiton Employer
Andrew Richmond Chairman Arup
David Hinxman Secretary and Treasurer Arup
Jason Boddy Immediate Past Chairman Durham University

Heritage Panel

The ICE North East Heritage Panel is a group of civil engineers who are interested in the history of the profession.

It has published regional guides and leaflets on the subject and also works with the national Panel for Historical Engineering Works (PHEW). They identify historical engineering works and, in some cases, preserve and add them to an online database.

The panel also organises heritage walks describing some of Newcastle's historic buildings, structures and notable engineers.

Anyone with an interest in historical engineering is welcome to join the panel. If you'd like to get involved or find out more about talks, walks and other aspects of the panel's work, please contact Michael Taylor.

Name Position
Michael Taylor Chairman
John Jeffrey
David Yates

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Download the terms of reference for the ICE North East Heritage Panel


Heritage links

Seniors Group

The ICE North East Seniors Group was formed in 1990 to arrange activities for engineers who are retired or nearing retirement. Meetings are held around once a month and include:

  • Visits to sites of engineering interest
  • Lectures on subjects of historical or present engineering interest
  • Social events

Partners are welcome to join members at events. They are usually held during the daytime and also provide the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely lunch.

Events include an annual lunch in December and a three or four-day holiday usually held in May. The group is informal and sociable, helping members make new friends with the same interests.

Members are asked to pay a modest annual subscription, which helps the group produce a quarterly newsletter and put on events.

If you're a retired or semi-retired ICE member, or are still working but able to come to day-time meetings, the group would like to hear from you. Email Michael Taylor to find out more.

Name Position
Mike Wade Chairman
Eric Valentine Secretary
Chris Norris Treasurer
Ralph Bliss Events coordinator
Malcolm Smith Membership Secretary
John Roper Member
Paul Fenwick Member
Neil Buchanan Account examiner
Doug Shearer Account examiner
Margot Wade Newsletter editor

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