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Due to a private event, the exhibition will be closed from 12pm on 28 March 2019.


From Source to Tap

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The exhibition

Exhibition highlights

  • Explore the exhibiton zones

    Exhibition Zones

    Explore the zones within the exhibition, including our main displays that walk visitors through various engineering projects that help keep Water Infrastructure supported. Watch films in the ICE Media Cube, explore virtual reality worlds and content on our interactive units and have a go at building some civil engineering models in our activity zone with Lego and building kits.

  • Fatberg Monster

    ‘Don’t Feed the Fatberg’

    Discover how the pipes and sewers beneath our cities and homes are facing increasing destruction and damage from the growing ‘Fatberg Monster’. Learn what you can do to help our Superheroes make Fatberg Monster disappear for good.

  • Sir Joseph Bazelgette in Lego

    Sir Joseph Bazalgette 200-year Birthday

    28 March 2019 marks the 200th Birthday of renowned 19th century civil engineer Sir Joseph Bazalgette. Come and learn about how this major achievement of creating the great sewer network in London helped save thousands of lives in the 1860’s and how his network today is being upgraded by Thames Tideway to meet the demands of London’s growing population for the next 150 years.

Visitors can

  • Explore

    the world of water engineering and learn how people around the world access clean water

  • Interact

    with gaming simulation and hands-on displays

  • Understand

    how engineering can help solve global challenges

  • Visit

    the purpose-built mini-theatre for unique footage and films

  • Experience

    virtual reality, opening portals to new viewpoints

  • Read

    about past, present and future projects that have shaped the world

  • Learn

    how engineering has changed lives and communities

  • See

    stunning photography, life-size superheroes and much more

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Meet the Superheroes

Discuss the global issues

Sustainable cities and communities

By 2050 the population will reach 9 billion. Civil engineers need sustainable ways to develop the built environment these people will live in, and must help minimise the impact of climate change and flooding.

Sustainable cities and communities

663 million people worldwide still don't have access to clean drinking water. Poor sanitation and dirty water creates a health crisis. Civil engineers continue to come up with new solutions to help developing countries access clean water.

Sustainable cities and communities

12.6 million people die each year due to pollution, extreme weather and climate related disease, yet global emissions continue to increase. Civil engineers are working to deliver cleaner infrastructure and renewable energy sources.


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How do you become a civil engineer?

What you need to study or do to build your civil engineering career.

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