ICE Carbon Champions

Please fill out the below application form to share your carbon reduction stories and apply to become an ICE Carbon Champion.

In this form you will be asked for your contact information and brief details about your carbon reduction initiative. You will also be asked to demonstrate the carbon emissions savings associated with your initiative. You can download our T&C's and guide to the application questions.

Contact Information

Please fill in the fields below to let us know about yourself/ team member(s). Up to five members can form a team (you may include additional names as an attachment to the last question if required).

If applying as a team, we only require the contact details of one member so we can get in touch following the submission.


Second team member (optional)


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About your carbon reduction initiative

Please fill in the fields below to tell us how you have delivered tangible carbon reductions on your selected project. This includes providing: the project/programme title; location of initiative; description of the selected initiative; the sector/industry of the initiative; the quantified carbon emissions savings associated with your initiative; any cost savings and other co0benefits as a result of the initiative; and the applicable lifecycle stage.

Points that you might consider as part of the carbon initiative description include: PAS2080 principles, the approach you took to facilitate carbon reduction, innovations that were implemented and any additional benefits that were realised by adopting this approach compared to what would usually have been done.

Where cost savings were achieved, or are forecasted to be achieved, as a result of the carbon initiative, please provide the relevant information to support this.

Please ensure that your submission relates to a project (complex delivery programme to individual construction projects) or initiative that has been delivered, and that your submission can be supported by a carbon calculations that demonstrate quantified carbon savings compared to if there was no intervention. Submissions can relate to projected/expected carbon savings, however there must be evidence of your decision’s integration into strategy or design.

Please provide a brief description of 50-200 words (you are able to attach more information in the last question if helpful). We are particularly interested in what the initiative is and what the carbon impact would have been had you approached it in a ’business as usual’ way, also the reduced carbon impact that you intend to achieve.

Note that you will be asked to confirm the units and time period over which it will be achieved in the next question.

(e.g. changed methods/approach; reduction in materials required; reduced waste)

Additional information

Please attach the carbon calculation referred to above. While there are no requirements regarding which Carbon Calculator you use, we have provided some examples on the guidance page.

Please feel free to attach any further documents which you believe support your submission.

The list below provides some examples of data, databases and carbon calculators that may be relevant to your initiative. There is no requirement to follow any of them rigidly as we appreciate that different initiatives will have very different contexts.