ICE Conflict Avoidance Services

ICE's Conflict Avoidance Service can intervene to avoid costly delays on your project.

Disputes damage relationships and reputations, add costs and slow the delivery of projects. They often arise when minor issues aren't dealt with quickly and efficiently.

ICE's Conflict Avoidance Service is an early intervention process that uses independent specialists to help resolve problems early on and stop them from becoming full-blown disputes. The service provides an agreed system for quickly identifying problems and a framework for dealing with them in a non-adversarial way.

Our specialists work with clients and project teams in a way that fits with your contracts and preferred methods of working. The service can be project specific or extend to an entire programme.

The benefits of using the ICE Conflict Avoidance Service

  • 22 years’ experience of providing remedies and facilitating collaboration under all major contracts but with specific focus on the NEC
  • Highly skilled and registered dispute professionals that have undergone rigorous assessments processes
  • ICE has provided multi-disciplinary dispute services to major projects such as London 2012 and Crossrail that cover law, civil engineering, quantity surveying, commercial management, architecture, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering and building services

Contact the ICE Conflict Avoidance Service

Send brief details of your project issues and our team will contact you within the next 4 working days to discuss how we can help resolve them.