Council Ballot 2022: last chance to stand 

There is still time to join the ICE Council – nominations deadline is 31 March 2022.

ICE Council 2020
ICE Council 2020

New members are being sought for ICE’s Council, which is the key decision-making body with respect to the ICE’s learned society activity. 

The 35 elected-member ICE Council debates issues of relevance to civil engineering, the Institution and society to understand and recognise the implications of the changing nature of civil engineering to drive the agenda of the ICE’s learned society activity. 

Council has an essential role in representing the views of the membership and offering advice to the Trustee Board on how the institution can best deliver value to society and its members.

Members can nominate themselves or a colleague, and each nomination requires at least five sponsors.

Successful members would then serve up to a three-year term of office with effect from 1 November 2022.

The Council meets four times a year, both virtually and in person at One Great George Street in London. 

The vacancies

There are 13 vacancies to be filled for the upcoming Council term. They are: 

  •  Six general members (comprising Chartered, Incorporated and Technician members), who are elected by the professionally qualified members worldwide and do not represent any particular constituency. 
  • Five regional members – one member to represent each of the following regions: East of England, London, Scotland, South East England, and Yorkshire and Humber. Candidates may be Corporate or Technician Members and are elected by the professionally qualified members in the relevant regions.
  • One international member to represent Europe and Central Asia. Candidates may be Chartered, Incorporated or Technician Members who reside within the relevant international area and are elected by the professionally qualified members within that area.
  • One graduate member elected by ICE Graduate Members. 

Appointing high-calibre people from diverse backgrounds, with relevant skills, knowledge and experience, to the boards and committees of ICE will help us to ensure that our work is more effective, resilient and accountable. For this reason, we positively welcome applicants from all backgrounds.

If you would like to find out more about Council nominations, please go to ICE Governance or email [email protected].

How to make a nomination

If you are interested in putting forward a nomination for yourself, a colleague or to sponsor a nomination, then it is highly recommended that you read the Election rules and ballot processes guide.

To nominate a either yourself or another candidate, fill in the Nomination Form and return it to [email protected].

All nominations must be submitted by 12:00hrs BST on 31 March 2022.

All candidates will need five sponsors who must be full paying ICE members. A member may sponsor up to two candidates.

For more information, please call 020 7665 2002/2077 or email [email protected].