ICE Invisible Superheroes fly in

ICE’s Invisible Superheroes landed last month at the national Big Bang Fair in Birmingham’s NEC in a flurry of capes, masks and enthusiasm for inspiring the next generation.

Future superheroes having fun helping us to ‘save civil city’ by building a bridge, flood defences and ‘Propping up Pisa’.
Future superheroes having fun helping us to ‘save civil city’ by building a bridge, flood defences and ‘Propping up Pisa’.

Our cityscape stand (complete with circling airplane and helicopter, underground system and 3D buildings) featured activities associated with three of the ICE superheroes – Water Woman, Superstructures and Captain Connector.

We were lucky enough to be joined by the 'real' civil engineering superhero Lloyd Clough (aka Superstructures) too.

Superhero selfies were a huge hit with fair-goers – and not just with the students, as teachers, parents, and even MP Stephen Metcalfe, envoy for the government backed Year of Engineering initiative proved.

John Laverty, ICE's Head of Education and Inspiration said "The Big Bang Fair is the biggest single celebration of engineering in the UK each year and it is vital that civil engineers are there to share their story. The new 'Save Civil City' stand showed that civil engineers transform people's lives – a key message to the public in ICE's 200th anniversary year.

"It was great to see children and young people having fun and finding out about civil engineering. I'm grateful to all our volunteers and staff who made the four days such a memorable experience."

The show attracted around 80,000 visitors this year and at least 1,000 engaged with the ICE Invisible Superheroes stand. We're hopeful that those who met us know more about civil engineering and are more likely to become the civil engineering superheroes of the future.

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