Invisible Superheroes land at Belfast City Airport

The 2018 exhibition is part of the ICE 200 celebrations.

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) is inviting young people and families travelling to and from Northern Ireland to explore the Invisible Superheroes exhibition in Belfast City Airport. The exhibition features real-life engineers as cartoon superheroes who are battling to save the planet from dangers such as climate change, flooding, and the spread of disease.

ICE Regional Director Richard Kirk said:

“Civil engineers really are the invisible superheroes who protect our safety, our health and our wellbeing every day,” said ICE Northern Ireland Regional Director Richard Kirk. “Much of civil engineering is unseen, but still critical to our quality of life.”

“Invisible Superheroes is all about educating the public about the important role civil engineers play and inspiring the next generation to get involved with civil engineering.”

ICE has also produced 5,000 free activity packs for children passing through the airport. The packs include fun facts about civil engineering, brain teasers and games featuring the Invisible Superheroes.

Sponsored by ICE and GRAHAM, the Invisible Superheroes exhibition tells the story of how civil engineers help transform lives, shape the world in which we live, and safeguard the future. Characters from the past and present include:

  • The Amazing Structura, based on engineer Vera Donnelly from GRAHAM
  • Thomas Telford, the historic bridge and canal builder, as Colossus
  • Joseph Bazalgette, creator of the London sewers, as Captain Sanitation
  • Dr Ellie Cosgrave, Presenter of the BBC ‘Tomorrow’s World’ podcast, as Urban Angel
  • And many more…

The year-long exhibition is part of ICE’s bicentenary celebrations - ICE 200 - running throughout 2018, with events planned around the UK to showcase and explain civil engineering to the public.

There is also an Invisible Superheroes exhibition running concurrently in ICE’s headquarters in One Great George Street, London. Visit the Invisible Superheroes website and take the 3D virtual tour.

Watch the ‘Meet the Superheroes’ film, featuring interviews with the civil engineers from the exhibition:

Belfast City Airport branding
The branding appears throughout Belfast City Airport
Belfast City Airport branding
This includes hanging fixtures, floor stickers, window stickers, wall vinyls and more.
Belfast City Airport branding
Regional Director Richard Kirk and ‘The Amazing Structura’ Vera Donnelly with the children’s activity pack.