Translink gets on board with ICE's Invisible Superheroes

Translink has joined forces with ICE as part of ICE 200 to celebrate the role civil engineers play in transforming lives and safeguarding our future.

(L-R) Ruairi Savage, Richard Kirk, Chris Conway and Louise Sterritt launch the Translink Invisible Superheroes campaign.
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(L-R) Ruairi Savage, Richard Kirk, Chris Conway and Louise Sterritt launch the Translink Invisible Superheroes campaign.

ICE's Invisible Superheroes campaign has welcomed a new partner, with Northern Ireland public transport operator Translink signing up to the campaign and commissioning three new sets of superheroes.

The Invisible Superheroes created exclusively for Translink will appear on posters at train and bus stations across Northern Ireland and on Translink’s social media, and website.

The Invisible Superhero campaign aims to tell the public how civil engineering has helped transform lives and shape the world. The superhero theme is intended to help inspire a new generation of civil engineers and promote the message that civil engineering is a rewarding and exciting career option.

ICE NI Regional Director Richard Kirk said:

“Much of civil engineering is unseen but is critical to our quality of life. Invisible Superheroes is all about educating the public about the important role civil engineers play and inspiring the next generation to consider a rewarding career in civil engineering.”

The new superheroes

The new superheroes, who are based on real people at Translink and designed exclusively for the organisation, are:

  • Captain Projecto, based on Programme Manager, Louise Sterritt
  • Titan Tracker, based on Senior Programme Manager for Network Engineering, Ruairi Savage
  • The Super Techs, who are inspired by a team of railway signallers; Ralph McKinley, Barry Hughes and Stuart Benson

Translink Group CEO Chris Conway said: “This is a really fun way to raise the profile of those engineers behind some of our exciting construction and engineering projects that are helping to transform public transport to enable Northern Ireland to prosper and grow.

“Our engineers have really got on board with the playful comic book creative, being keen to inspire the next generation to consider engineering within the public transport sector as a rewarding career."

Translink’s Invisible Superheroes can be found here: .