Aaron Matthew

Aaron Matthew

Project manager at Turner & Townsend

Country United Kingdom

Specialisms Design, construction, project management

Career highlights

My working day

I currently work on projects at Heathrow that will improve the customer experience of all passengers.

To get my project delivered, I need to ensure that all customers can use my products. That means if you’re visually impaired, a person with reduced mobility or an expectant mother, you get the same experience at Heathrow Airport.

After walking around the area which I’m developing, I’m usually found emailing and creating plans to get the best passenger experience for Heathrow.

My career inspiration

I was inspired to be an engineer because of the beautiful buildings of my parents’ hometown in India. I’d spend hours drawing them, trying to understand how and why they came into existence.

Aaron Matthew at Pitch 200, which he created

Aaron Matthew at Pitch 200, which he created


I’m a civil engineer, but I’m also... a sketcher. I keep a sketchbook on me at all times to channel my thoughts.

Aaron Matthew

Project manager, Turner & Townsend

What I love about being a civil engineer (that I didn’t know before I became one)

That you can work in every single field and combine your passions.

Whatever you're interested in, engineering is involved. At Transport for London (TfL) I got to combine my passion for trains and skyscrapers on a number of projects that looked at putting buildings on top of stations.

The civil engineering myth I’d like to bust

Engineers are introverts obsessed with details.

I’d recommend a career in civil engineering because

You get to work with a ton of new people on new tasks every day! I have written legal documents, made announcements on the trains, repaired Santander bikes and explored underground stations. Every day is different and every day you can do something different.

The project, past or present, I wish I'd worked on

I would’ve loved to have worked on Hudson Yards. Imagine putting a whole new city block in downtown Manhattan on top of a train shed. I met the team in an engineering meeting and was awed by the size and complexity.

What gets me out of bed every morning?

Learning about a whole new world every day. Recently, I found out Heathrow has an underground chapel and now I’m trying to work out the faith requirements of our passengers.

The personal hurdles civil engineering has helped me overcome

I’m a very creatively-driven person. Engineering really helped me learn processes and methods to deliver my fantastic ideas onto paper in a realistic way. I think I’ve become a much better communicator in real life because of it.


International Baccalaureate

Cardiff University

Heathrow Airport – Contractor

Transport for London – Client

Turner and Townsend - Consultant

The most complex thing I’ve made out of Lego

I was a huge fan of when Lego first came up with the sensors and motor units. I spent hours programming and configuring my robots to navigate my house. The stairs were my biggest and unfulfilled challenge.

I want to become a civil engineer.

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